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Inbound marketing or SEO- Which is the best solution for your website?

Posted by Futuristic Bug on October 9 2020, 02:53am

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Are you confused between Inbound Marketing and SEO? Which is the best practise to promote your website? Check it out from the most renowned website design company, Futuristic Bug, offering, premium-quality website development services.

The vast competition in this web world has made it mandatory for online entrepreneurs to take out some time for promoting their websites. Otherwise, reaching target audiences and impressing them becomes challenging.

But as you start exploring the different tools for promoting a website, you must have tripped across the terms- inbound marketing and SEO. But which is more advantageous any idea?

Before considering either of the two marketing tools, you should understand the rudimentary difference between the two.

What is inbound marketing, and what are its advantages?

When a web visitor discovers your brand for the first from any reliable sources or platforms be it- a blog site, YouTube videos, email marketing or any of the social media sites, and visits your website, we refer to it as inbound marketing.

Spot its advantages-

  • Easy to reach target audiences.
  • Not need to worry about driving traffic.
  • Minimum efforts required.
  • Target users can easily find relevant information.
  • Easy to build brand reputation.

What about SEO? What are its advantages?

When the opportunities with inbound marketing are endless, why do we need to practise SEO? This question must be meddling within your mind.

But SEO which is the condensed form of “Search Engine Optimization”, also has its advantages.

The performance of your website on search engines like Google matters too. It is because there are audiences who do not have an account on social media sites or read blog posts but search for things they need on Search Engines, by entering relevant keywords.

Business needs to think about such audiences too. In order to reach them, the business has to focus on improving their website ranking organically, which also demands a considerable number of things like- Fast loading speed of the website, using backlinks, use of Meta Tags and Meta Descriptions, easy navigations and many more.

Here come the advantages-

  • Improve website visibility.
  • Drives more traffic to the website.
  • Reach the maximum target users.
  • Gains users trust.
  • Improve business sales.

Check the differences

Both the marketing tools are on the cusp of improving business sells by converting leads into genuine customers. What makes the difference is how they are reaching potential clients and finds a solution to their problems.

Where SEO focuses on improving website visibility and attracting potential clients, inbound marketing aims at convincing them.

From here, we can understand that both the marketing tools are at utilized at different stages of marketing to improve business sales.

Which strategy should you consider to promote your website?

If you consider my viewpoint, then I would say both are equally important. Without practising SEO, you won’t be able to improve website ranking organically and drive the right traffic at the right time.

And if you try improving website ranking, you will have to invest in paid ads, again, that might not be budget-friendly.

With inbound marketing, your customers gain confidence in your brand. They start believing your products. It resonates with the need of the potential clients, gives them the necessary information, and also encourage them to interact directly with you via social media platforms, keeping your competitors away.

Effective SEO practices can improve the website traffic but can never guarantee to retain those site visitors on a website for long and boost the conversion rate. Customers look for reviews, feedback on your problem-solving capabilities, which is possible only when you start practising inbound marketing.

Let the next best thing happen to your website!

Want to improve your website ranking organically? Need assistance to boost the performance of your website? Here we are, at Futuristic Bug, the leading website design company, offering end-to-end website development services along with effective digital marketing services to take your business to a new height.

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