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Futuristic Bug

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Must know facts before designing a Logo

Posted by Futuristic Bug on May 13 2020, 03:17am

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A logo is not a simple piece of art that stay alongside your business name. Rather, it holds a significant value in determining your brand value. Discern the important facts before designing the perfect logo.

Since a logo has to deal with a business identity, every business must handle it with utmost care. Creating anything and anything can’t be the logo of a company. It has to be meaningful and has to create a perfect impression on potential clients mind. Therefore, designing a logo is quite tough and needs strategic planning before constructing the final memorandum in the form of a design.

Here are few essential tips unveiled by the top logo designer of the popular logo design company, Futuristic Bug to make the logo win the hearts of millions of customers globally and build a reputation of the brand defeating the competitors.

  • Do enough research –Before you start creating the logo you must clearly understand the business and its vision and mission. You also need to understand the audience business is targeting, as ultimately they are the ones who need to receive the brand message through an explicit. The more research work you carry on, the better idea you have in mind while creating the perfect design.
  • Follow the heart and never the trend- The design shouldn’t be made keeping the trend in mind, rather it has to reflect business vision and mission. It is because the trend is never constant, and it will change with time but the true business value will never change. So, it is important to listen to the heart and abolish the trend during logo creation.
  • Try creating something unique-Don’t create something that has already been done as it will confuse the audience whom you are targeting. Creating something distinctive will help them to remember when they are looking for the products marketed by your brand.
  • The minimal the better- Simple design always looks smart. So ensure to create a logo giving minimal look so that audience can recall the logo anytime they wish to do so. Whatever color, font and style you choose make sure it accomplishes the business goal.
  • Get it done in black and white-Just remember to start the design using black and white before moving to colors. It is because your logo has to look beautiful even when it is printed without colors.  
  • Test it on different mediums-Test it on different mediums from website to print medium. Since the logo will be advertised across diverse platforms and on different materials from business cards to big banners, it has to reflect the same impression everywhere.


A concrete design with a simple look, conveying the right brand message is all that you should expect from the perfect logo. Only then you use it as a marketing tool to improve your brand visibility and run a successful business, both online and offline.

For further assistance, just talk to the logo designer of Futuristic Bug. We are the leading logo design company in India, offering complete logo design services to encourage more people to show trust in your brand and improve the sale of your business. 

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