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Why home page and landing page can never be the same?

Posted by Futuristic Bug on June 12 2020, 04:55am

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You must have come across the term landing page when you are exploring effective digital marketing techniques. But is it the same what you call as the homepage of your company’s website?

A landing page is quite identical to what you see as the homepage on your company’s site yet a different one. Why? Check it out from the best website development company, Futuristic Bug.

The major difference between a homepage and landing page lies in its purpose and goal. A landing page also called “lead capture page” is a single webpage, where users generally land after clicking on a link or the search results displayed by a search engine or on various social networking sites.

Where your home page contains tons of information, increasing the chances of distraction, the focus of landing page never deviates. In fact, a landing page is very effective in improving the conversion rate rather you can acknowledge it to be the beginning of the commercial funnel where people register their personal information to avail specific information.

The scenario with the homepage is completely different. Your customers are already aware of your website and are investing the various content for some specific purpose that you have already made available to them. The objective of the audience who are directly entering your website is completely different than the objective of the audience who are visiting the landing page for the first time upon clicking on a link.

The target of the landing page is only to convert traffic. This is the reason why here you will not find any navigation bar, site link or social media link as you find on a homepage. An effective landing page will either ask you to register yourself and turn you into real customers or will make you leave the page without filling up the details.

Also, if you go through the content of the landing page and the homepage you will discover both the content to be very different. Where a landing page will give you some specific information related to any product, service or offer a homepage will give you a complete overview of the company and all the services administered by them.

And now to be precise a landing page will always encourage you to take immediate action and that’s the reason why you will always find Call-to-action button. Whereas, your homepage will not include and specific call-to-action button as it is only a tub mostly filled with necessary details.

Bottom Line

Even if you have the most comprehensive website designed by the best web design company, you also need to develop a landing page to improve your customer list by adding new names.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get connected. Call Futuristic Bug, the best website development company for customized web development services. We value your business and offer end-to-end services to revitalize it.

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